Gov’t Mule At The Mile High Music Festival

Jeff Chan is a Chicago-based saxophonist and composer who may be actively a the creative music scene in Chicago for nearly a period. His projects include His projects include the Chicago Clarinet Conglomerate, Cultural Arts Quartet, solo work, Turn for the Century, and big fUn philharmonic. Later this month the Chicago Clarinet Conglomerate along with the Cultural Arts Quartet perform again — at Elastic Sound & Vision Gallery on Saturday, February dozen. Recently I spoke with Jeff about his influences and ongoing projects.

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Dan: I recall seeing your Chicago Clarinet Conglomerate perform at the Velvet Lounge recently. That’s an interesting have you come on top of that legal name? What are some items that you like about that project?

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With 9 artist album releases and countless top remixes, may myriad songs to choose from to determine a five top list. However I’ve got 5 we think represent Kaskade’s work best. I’ve included a couple of remixes here because, well, they are usually and injuries miss the entire group.

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